What is Vastu shastra

What is Vastu shastra

Vastu Shastra is an antiquated Indian study of agreement and prosperous living by disposing of negative and improving positive energies around us.

Vastu expects to wipe out antagonistic and upgrade constructive vitality present at a spot or area with the goal that an individual, family or even business occupying a structure become prosperous and dynamic.

In straightforward terms we can say that, Vastu plans to make agreeable structures at places in line with natural force, so the human occupying the structure, lives even and glad life.

According to Vastu, when structures are on top of the hidden inestimable standards, they become a piece of the essential structure of the universe and vibrate in congruity with it. These positive vibrations are accepted to positively affect t by the occupants.


It is presence of mind that an appropriately structured house is the one which has tasteful, cleanliness, solace, and space to move around and subsequently giving delight of living. In such a house the occupants will be glad and satisfied, while, an ineffectively planned house won’t be agreeable to live in and subsequently make disquiet in the psyches of the occupants.

Vastu Shastra takes advantage and controls the regular assets like sun, wind, air and so forth and the geology of the site, the surrounding pathways, trees and plants, water sources, different structures and so forth. To tackle the positive vitality and forestall irregularity in the structure and in this manner achieve congruity between man, nature and his manufactured condition.

As we as a whole realize that Sun is the most significant divine body which emanates light and heat and is the explanation behind presence of life on earth.

The standards of Vastu shastra permit people to utilize boundless vitality of Sun in most ideal manner.

The earth, which is our planetary home, resembles a mother and is a fortune house for all solaces and satisfaction which a human can’t discover anyplace else.

Rules of Vastu shastra empowers human to draw on comprehensive job of mother earth for best outcomes.


History of Vastu


The name Vastu Shastra itself proposes that it is a ‘Shastra’. Shastra implies a discerning Science dependent on perceptions and realities. It considers the laws of nature which are represented by a lot of standards. Vastu Shastra was planned almost 5000 years back and with time and ages it has developed. Being founded on down to earth actuality it has endure the trial of time demonstrates that it is a Science and not a Superstition.

Vaatu Shastra was figured by our Rishis as they has the intelligence to comprehend the considering individuals. In the event that they didn’t implemented the standards of arranging carefully, individuals would work as indicated by their comprehension. Since individuals have contrasting tastes and thoughts on style they would make terrible and anaesthetic structures. Maybe to forestall such a circumstance, the standards of Vastu Shastra were made as severe principles. It was said that on the off chance that one followed the Vastu standards carefully, one would live a cheerful, content and prosperous life. What’s more, on the off chance that they were not followed, the occupants would be wiped out, miserable, squabble with one another and even kick the bucket at early age. Thus, this ‘Science’ turned into a ‘Notion’.


Indeed, even today numerous individuals follow the fundamental Vastu standards while structuring their new house or remaking one, as they dread that there could be unfriendly impacts if not followed. There are individuals who misuse the normal man’s feelings of trepidation and odd notions and charge over the top expenses by abusing the numbness and convictions of the individuals. Such specialists of Vastu indiscriminately observing the standard thumb rules of Vastu Shastra, without understanding that the changed financial conditions without considering the way that each site is extraordinary by uprightness of the encompassing structures, trees, water sources, direction, geography and so forth., and thus ought to be arranged in like manner.

To truly assist individuals with accomplishing positive vitality in their structures, one must have inside and out information on Vaastu and comprehend the rationale and thinking behind every single guideline.

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