Lord Ganesha is worshiped regular and for beginning each new work. In any case, there is an exceptional beneficial of doing his Puja on the Ganesha Chaturthi day. Bhadrapada proclaims the start of Shukla Chaturthi which finishes on Ananta Chaturdashi was also known as Ganesh Visarjan. It is the time of Ganesh Chaturthi which is celebrates for the time of 11 days. For example, this time it will begin from 2th to 12th September 2019, the favorable time for beginning his puja is after 10:00 AM in the morning.The Ganesha Chaturthi day is viewed as the birthday of the Lord. It is accepted that the Lord stays on this planet on this specific day to bestow his presence for all his devotees. 

The Puja starts on Ganesha Chaturthi day and reaches out for around 10 days up to Anant Chaturdasi. This celebration is seen in the lunar month of Bhadrapada Shukla Paksha Chathurthi according to the Hindu schedule.

The daily Puja of the lord Ganesha is performed in each family in the Hindu family which is done as an issue of dedication and routine. The presence of Ganesha is requested on the event of marriages and the welcome cards are for the most part printed with the accompanying Ganesha Mantra.

“Vakratund Mahakaya, Suryakoti Samaprabhah
Nirvighnam Kuru Me Deva, Sarvakaryeshu Sarvada” 

In Vedic astrology it is said that for a malefic affliction caused by Ketu and Mercury the best God to be satisfied is Lord Ganesha. The event of Ganesha Chaturthi on 2nd September 2019 is an opportunity to do grah-shanti of Ketu by mass love of Lord Ganesha.

Enthusiasts who are under the debt-ridden ought to perform Sri Ganesh puja to put a conclusion to obligations from their lives.

Ganesh puja is advantageous for everybody stuck in property related issues and needs its brisk arrangement. It is accepted that love of Ganesha symbol is a herald of an answer of disputes related with property and land.

If you are in the quest for a rewarding career or need to look for a development in your current business, Ganesh puja will allow you the ideal accomplishment in your related profession objective.

Ganesh puja, will help to come out from the health disorders.

If somebody experiencing an unending martial fight in your life and looking for its permanent solution, watch Ganesh puja.

Individuals who are businesspeople and need to increase productive development in their business adventure must love Ganesha to satisfy their dreams.

if you are engaged with the academic  pursuit and need to make progress in it, Ganesh puja will help you to meet with your scholarly dreams effectively.


At whatever point Rahu or Saturn cause enormous issues with not a single answer for be seen alongside causing medical problems in relatives at that point set up a residue shaded (made of earth or flour) Ganpati with your own hands. In the wake of making the Ganpati, at that point do 108 paath of Ganesh chalisa to actuate the symbol. At that point spread the symbol with the residue of the mango tree’s wood (bhasm in Hindi). At that point offer janeu to Ganpati. Love Ganpati ordinarily in the wake of doing tilak on Ganpati.

Individuals who think excessively and have a wavering personality, at that point they ought to sit before a silver Ganpati on a kush-asana and ought to do “Om Vigneshwaraaya Namaha” 108x and afterward “Om Kem Ketave Namaha” 108x to improve their capacity of focus.

IF one isn’t getting love throughout everyday life, at that point one ought to bring home Ganpati made of firoza and set up the Ganpati in their home. This should begin emphatically influencing one’s character to make them increasingly alluring and fortunate.

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