The incessant question by numerous people groups to expound on timing of marriage of an individual utilizing the normal devices, to be specific, Dasha & Bhukti and Transit of planets. This is a outline on this subject and points of interest are accessible in different traditional writings.

When we receive a horoscope for determination of time of marriage we have to see under what classification the individual falls. In olden days the girls were married at a tender age of 12 – 14 years which was considered normal. But in today’s context we have to rewrite this classification and with my experience I would define these categories as follows:

1. Early Marriage – Before 22 years
2. Normal Marriage – 23 to 26 years
3. Late Marriage – 27 to 30 years
4. Delayed Marriage – 31 to 33 years
5. Denial of Marriage –34 years & beyond
I shall specify certain important combinations in the chart which points to above categories. These combinations are only significant ones and students are advised to do their own research by referring to classical texts.

Early Marriage

1. Venus in Lagna/ 7th house
2. Venus in own house /exalted, 7th Lord in a benefic sign
3. Venus + Mars combination in 7th house
4. Lagna Lord in 7th and 7th Lord in Kendra
5. Lagna Lord + 7th Lord in Lagna
6. Venus in 6th house with either Sun or Mars.
7. Lagna Lord closer to 7th House
Normal Marriage
1. The Lagna / Lagna Lord, 7th House / 7th Lord, Venus & Moon should be clear of malefic influence.
2. Venus & 7th Lord occupy good Navamsha sign.


The delay in marriages caused by:

(1) the most effective points of the seventh, fourth and/or second houses being afflicted;

(2) The primary significator of marriage and/or the secondary significators being afflicted and/or weak for other reasons.

(3) The general significator of marriage being afflicted and/or weak for other reasons.

(4) The lord of the fourth house being utterly weak.

(5) The lords of the eighth and/or twelfth houses containing a mooltrikona sign being afflicted and/or weak for other reasons.

(6) Whenever the severe affliction involves the seventh house in the case of male natives they lack confidence in their physical power and delay the decision of marriage.

The influence of the functional malefic planets delays while the influence of the most malefic planet delays inordinately and/or denies. The inauspicious influence of the most malefic planet cannot be mellowed without persistent performance of the appropriate astral remedies.

The good position of significator planets with benefic influences on these, provide the native with timely and happy marriage making the life blissful.

1. Saturn + Mars in Lagna / 7th House or their influence on Lagna Lord / 7thLord and Lagna & 7th House.
2. Venus and Moon afflicted by Saturn and Mars
3. 7th House / 7th Lord afflicted with malefics without any benefic aspect.
4. Venus in Papakartari Yoga
5. Venus in 8th House
1. Saturn in Lagna / 7th House.
2. Saturn aspect on Lagna / 7th House /Lagna Lord / 7th Lord
3. Saturn influence on Venus/Rahu/Moon
4. Venus occupying Mars /Saturn Navamsha.

Denial of Marriage

1. Venus in 8th House with Mercury / Saturn
2. Venus debilitated both in Rashi & Navamsha.
3. Lagna /7th House and their Lords in fixed signs & Moon in moveable sign.
4. Venus combust, debilitated and in Papakartari Yoga
5. Malefics in Lagna, 7th &12th House with waning Moon in 5th House.
6. Affliction of 2nd / 7th House and planets posited in fixed signs.
7. Lagna Lord, 7th Lord and Venus posited in Saturn Navamsha.
8. Natural Karakas for marriage, namely, Venus, Moon & Rahu are all highly afflicted.
Note: The combinations enumerated above are prime indicators and should not be taken as conclusive. We have to take into consideration other factors, such as, Shadbala, Avasthas, Yogas operating at that time and depositors of karaka planets. For example, a debilitated Saturn may push the category up from delayed to late marriage and an exalted Saturn may bring down the category from late to delayed marriage.


Above charts is a chart of a native who is forty three year of age and yet not married. Let’s study his chart and see the combination made his chart for denial of marriage.

1. The presence of ketu in 7th house ( ketu being a malific planet)
2. Mars & Rahu in ascendant aspecting seventh house.
3. The lord of seventh house Mercury aspected by Saturn
4. The karka ( significator of marriage Venus )under two malefic planets Mars and Sun ( paap katri yog)
5. Lord of sixth house Venus sitting in second house( house of family)
6. In Navamsa chart ketu posited in seventh house 
7. In Navamsa chart Venus is under paap katri yoga
8. In Navamsa Saturn aspecting seventh house from tenth house
9. Ascendant is also highly afflicted
10. Lord of seventh house Mercury in placed in fixed sign

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