We are a widespread substance and are hence a piece of the universe. The state of universe at our minute of beginning on Earth has a settled and unmistakable position of eminent bodies, including planets, that gets fixed as a record which decides the example of entire of our life.
All heavenly bodies are in motion and keep changing their positions. The changed configuration of the universe at various points of time influences our life in various ways. Although movement of all heavenly bodies causes this influence, maximum impact is that of the Sun and its planets and satellites and phenomena associated with the Solar System since we are concerned with life on Earth and the Earth is a part of the Solar System. As the changes are constantly taking place, our life is constantly influenced by these.
If we can somehow read the future events beforehand, we can handle situations better and can take correct decisions. 
With the movement of planets there is a movement in human destiny.
Our destiny is pre written according to our past karmas and is played out in the present life. These planets play a major role in bringing about these major scenes of our life to picture.
Thus, planets not only have astronomical, but astrological value as well.
More so, in the Hindu classical mythology, they are worshipped as deities.
That is where Astrology helps us.
What is astrology then?
Astrology is nothing but the study of these influences with respect to planets positions. In other words it is the study of the power of cosmos on the life on earth.
Vedic astrology is India’s gift to the world. It has its roots firmly entrenched in our culture and religion. Hindu mythology and religion are inseparable from Indian astrology.
Hinduism believes in the karmic theory “As you sow, so shall you reap.”
According to this theory, our destiny is created by the almighty. Astrology acts as a tool to read it. Just like a movie, our life has a story-line complete with emotions, actions and a befitting climax of death.
The significance of astrology was outstanding to individuals of old history. Maps of the stars and confirmations of the utilization of astrology in day by day life have been found in pre-notable hollow drawings, old manuscripts. The significance of astrology is still outstanding to numerous societies. The general population of India and China put extraordinary stock in astrology even today. They rehearse the specialty of astrology in their everyday lives, and construct significant choices with respect to the science.

In the Western world, astrology has turned out to be even more a type of excitement. Horoscopes in light of sun signs are distributed in each real daily paper and magazine over the United States.

Be that as it may, numerous individuals don’t comprehend that astrology in its most genuine structure is really absolutely critical. Astrology is basically the investigation of the planets and stars and their impact on our lives. These impacts are entirely genuine.

Have you ever seen that around the season of the new moon you experience issues deciding? The periods of the moon really influence our psyches and feelings a great deal more than numerous individuals figure it out. This is just a little part of the significance of astrology.

Maybe you have seen that your temperaments change definitely amid extends of time that appears to have no example by any means. An investigation of the planetary developments or arrangements amid those times may uncover that an example really exists. The position of the planets in your prophetic outline at any given time can be seen in connection to their position in your introduction to the world graph. These examinations can demonstrate explanations behind changes in disposition and day by day responses to occasions.

To put it plainly, the significance of astrology lies in the immediate impact that the moon, sun, and stars play in our lives. Our lives are influenced by numerous individuals and occasions. These individuals and occasions are affected by astrology as much as you seem to be.

When you see how astrology influences others and yourself, you can start to utilize the information of those impacts to your advantage. At the point when your celestial outline demonstrates that your feelings will be flimsy for a couple days, you can put off significant choices until that time has passed. In all actuality, the significance of astrology is truly the significance of your life.

Planets are unimaginable bodies that emphasis on the sun and move around. The nine planets, alongside the begin as sun and moon, are chosen in like manner and their situation relies on upon the zodiac when we were conceived and their developments or travels through the sky before, present and future are all considered to assume a noteworthy part on the zodiac signs in western astrology and Hindu mythology. Actually, the astrology gets its importance from the situation of the planets in different positions. When a man is conceived, each planet in our nearby planetary group including the begins like the moon and sun place them at a specific position, which is spoken to in a man’s natal graph in the different places of astrology. This activity and design impacts the earthbound life as well as impacts human life on earth. These planets have a characteristic power which impacts the natural, physical, mental enthusiastic conditions of person. Their distinctive setups, areas and sizes have either positive or negative impacts on humanity.

Stargazers are individuals who after broad examination, logical and notable perceptions over these things can anticipate the future and decide the fate with the assistance of these planets.

There are nine planets in our nearby planetary group and they pivot around the sun which is a star. The Sun is the planetary head and the planet’s to be capable point by point by an outer extent from the Sun are: Mercury, Venus, World, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Northern Node and Southern area Node. In 1992, The North Node and South Node otherwise called Rahu (Lunar North Node) and Ketu (Lunar South Node) had been found by Vedic astrologer. As indicated by the celestial prophets the planets are separated into two. One is Personal and uncongenial. Pluto as a result of its exceptionally bizarre circle goes toward Neptune for around 20 decades like clockwork and is respected the furthest from the sun. The planets which are closer to the sun-Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars – are the private planets while the following five, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune and Pluto – are called unoriginal. Rahu and Ketu are delegated undefined. These are additionally named as shadowy planet’s or point assets of force.
Astrology can give incredible keys to comprehension yourself, or people around you, however it doesn’t as a matter of course give clear and oversimplified answers to any issues with which you might bargain. Getting data about your horoscope may give you a few bits of knowledge and comprehension of the reasons why you carry on as you do.

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