Remarriage expectation includes judging probability of more than one marriage, either because of death of or separation or partition from the last mate. Expectation of timing and nature of such marriage is truly dubious and included assignment for a Vedic astrologer.
Here we show some planetary blends taken from different established Vedic astrology books managing two or more relational unions, or, now and again, additional conjugal relations. These guidelines ought not be taken and connected truly to individual horoscopes. They may be altered by the angles, affiliations, and so forth. of benefics while they may be irritated by the perspectives, affiliations and so on., of malefics. For marriage, the 7th house (Bhava) is of prime significance, while the 2nd, the 4th and the 5th Bhavas additionally assume noteworthy parts in the determination of life-accomplice.

These Houses must be computed both from Lagna and the Moon

(1) Venus in the 7th in a moveable Rasi or Navamsa.

(2) Venus in Cancer and the Moon in the 7th

(3) The weak Moon in the 7th’ or the 12th

(4) Mercury in Taurus which coincides with the 7th

(5) Retrograde Jupiter in the 7th with Mars and one of them in debilitation

(6) Venus in Scorpio coinciding with the 7th

(7) Venus, Saturn, the Moon and Mars in the 7th

(8) Venus and Saturn with lords of the 5th and the 8th in the 7th

(9) Rahu in the 7th

(10) Lord of the 7th in the 7th associated with Mercury, the Moon, Jupiter and Venus

( I 1) Lord of the 7th in Kendra aspected by or associated with a benefic

(12) Venus in a common sign and the lord of that sign and the lord of the 7th in exal¬tation

(13) The Moon in the 7th from Venus or Mercury in the 7th from the Moon and the lord of the 8th in the 5th

(14) Malefics in the 2nd and the 7th and Ve¬nus and the lords of the 2nd and the 7th asso¬ciated with or aspected by malefics

(15) Exalted Mercury in the 10th from the Ascendant lord or lord of the 7th in the 3rd with the Moon

(16) Lords of the 12th and the 2nd in the 3rd with Jupiter or aspected by him and by the 9th lord

(17) Lord of the 7th with the lord of the 10th in angles or trines

(18) The 9th lord in the 7th and the 7th lord associated with or aspected by the 4th and the 11th lords

(19) The Sun in a malefic sign aspected by malefics

(20) The 7th lord in the 6th or the 12th and Venus in debilitation

(21) Saturn and Rahu in the 7th and not aspected by benefics

(22) Leo as Ascendant and the 7th lord in the 9th with lord thereof

(23) Aquarius as Ascendant and the Sun in the 9th associated with the lord of the 8th

(24) Libra as Ascendant and Mars in As¬cendant and Jupiter in the 7th or aspecting the 7th

(25) Virgo as Ascendant and the 7th lord associated with the Sun—Venus aspected by Saturn and Rahu in the 3rd

(26) Pisces as Ascendant, lord of the 7th with the Sun in the 2nd, Venus and Rahu in the 4th, the Moon in the 9th

(27) Cancer as Ascendant, Saturn in the8th, Mars in the 4th, Saturn in the 7th from Venus

(28) Taurus as Ascendant Saturn in the 8th the 7th lord in debilitation the Sun in the 2nd

For predicting multiple marriages or remarriage after divorce, benefic + malefic combination on the above mentioned factors should be looked at accordingly. Aspect of a benefic like Jupiter could check this factor, but we have to finally look at the balance of benefic and malefic aspects to predict the final outcome.

Some of the important combinations for multiple marriages are:
1. 2 planets located in 11th house
2. Venus and/or Jupiter (accordingly) and 7th lord in dual signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces)
3. Mercury or Saturn in 7th house
4. Mars in 8th house


Above charts is a chart of native who is 39 year of age and married twice in his life. Let’s see his which make him marriage twice
1. Venus in moveable sign
2. Mercury lord of seventh house in sixth house
3. Mercury in Taurus sign
4. Moon sitting with malefic and aspected by malefic planet
5. Sun sitting with Saturn and aspected by Rahu 
6. In D-9 lord of seventh house Venus in ninth house (ninth is third from seventh house ,third house from every house is house of multiplication)
7. Lord of seventh house Venus is in movable sign
8. Moon is aspected by Saturn

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