The Self, Spirit, central core of the personality; on a lesser scale, normal ego (“I centered”) awareness; the vitality or life-force of the body; self-awareness, pride, sense of identity; the entire Life-story that a person lives out from birth to death.
Leadership (kings, presidents, leaders), authority figures, the Father; self-expression, artistic or creative work, inspiration; will-power; egocentric, arrogant; anything done “just because that’s who I am”; heart.

Rules: Cancer

Feelings, instincts, emotional patterns picked up from childhood; the ebb and flow of the mind; sense of security and nurturing; the “matrix” from which the conscious mind emerges, the unconscious; change, flux, flow, timing.
The Mother, the womb (as a metaphor); family roots, heredity, a sense of belonging, home; instinctive reactions to immediate surroundings, moods and feelings; receptiveness; women in general; the workings of the unconscious mind; childhood; stomach.

Rules: Gemini, Virgo

The symbol-using mind; language, communication, speech, (verbal) thought, logic; the use of language and symbols to describe and “capture” the world, consensus reality; skill and agility; habits, mental patterns; social rituals, “making connections”; the power of the Word.
Curiosity, intellect; talkative, communicative; sometimes superficial (doesn’t stay long enough with one topic to go in depth) or inconstant; changeable; agreements and contracts; writers, speakers, media people; young people and children, siblings, youthfulness; biggest flaw is confusing symbolic descriptions (“maps”) with the reality they represent; arms, respiratory system, organs of speech, nervous system.

Rules: Taurus, Libra

Feelings, aesthetics, sense of likes and dislikes; attractions and repulsions; emotional connections, love relationships, union; beauty, harmony, artistic creativity; sensuality, pleasure, “creature comforts”, luxury.
Material possessions, especially those collected for reasons of aesthetics or physical comfort; art; good food and candy; loved ones; younger women; “because it feels good!”; warm, sociable forms of self-expression, affectionate, flirtatious; jaw, throat.

Rules: Aries, (Scorpio)

Will-power, desire, ego-expression; active, forceful, assertive; Warrior energy; “I want it, so get out of my way!”; the power to change the world as one wills.
“Men in uniform” (police, soldiers, etc.); younger men; athletes, physically active people; ability to fight, defend yourself, make your mark on the world; individuality, identity, expressions of your separateness from the rest of the world; use of force in service of the ego; head, muscles, blood, adrenals.

Rules: Sagittarius, (Pisces)

Expansiveness, growth, extending your boundaries or realm of experience into new areas; expansion of consciousness; optimism; the benefits of participating in the social contract.
Exuberant, outgoing, extroverted, cheerful; tends to look at “the big picture”, but ignores the details; anything “BIG”; major social institutions — religion (as opposed to mysticism), government (especially the judiciary), higher education, publishing, banks; philosophy, meditation, (exoteric) religious practices and rituals; philanthropy; foreign travel, “intellectual travels”; tends to laziness, waste, taking things for granted; obesity; a negative expression is acquiring or collecting past all reasonable limits, conspicuous consumption, compulsive buying; liver, hips, thighs.

Rules: Capricorn, (Aquarius)

Contraction, restriction, setting limits and boundaries; limits to growth; respect for boundaries between self and others; learning “karmic” lessons, the Great Teacher; the wisdom of experience; authority, being the author/creator of your own Life-story, taking responsibility for your actions; the responsibilities of the social contract.
Conservative, serious, practical, withdrawn; older, wiser people; life’s lessons, hard knocks, getting serious about life; putting down roots; responsibilities and obligations; consensus reality; limitations imposed by physical law or social convention; honest, fair, balanced; tests and perfects your talents through trying experiences; discipline, ambition; can produce greed, lack of warmth, suspicion, sense of lack or privation; knees, bones, teeth, skin, gall bladder.

Rules: Aquarius

Explosive, disruptive, radical, revolutionary; disrupts the entrenched status quo, helps when you’re stuck in a rut; impersonal, cool and calculating; unconventional, not bound by tradition; breaking free from limitations.

Intuitive, quick, unpredictable, unemotional; the Higher Mind; unusual people and those who challenge accepted standards; scientists, inventors, astrologers; novelty; rude shocks, pressures to change or grow; an antidote to Saturn’s stodginess; cares little about what others think, independent, highly individual; original, ahead of one’s time, visionary; technology, computers, electricity; illumination, breakthroughs, insights; ankles, blood, nervous system.

Rules: Pisces

Inspiration, idealism, insight into higher realms, transcending old boundaries; dissolving, washing, cleansing, purifying; the Higher Heart; compassion, empathy; going beyond the limitations of the rational mind; sensitivity; removing all distinctions and separations, oceanic oneness.
Dreamy, inspired, pursuing a vision; imagination, creativity, a refined sense of the beautiful and inspiring; illusion, deception, hiding the truth, denial; escapism, use of alcohol or drugs to deny reality, escapist pleasures (movies, romantic fiction, etc.); passing beyond everyday realities and distinctions; mystical ecstasy, altered states of consciousness, peak experiences; petroleum, oil industry; the oceans, shipping; understanding the oneness of all life; feet, lymphatic system, spleen.

Rules: Scorpio

Transformation, overhaul, death and rebirth, trial by fire; metamorphosis, radical growth and change; “change or die!”; the “depths”, underground, the unconscious, the unknown; destiny, fate, calling; self-mastery, spiritual warrior, correct and skillful use of spiritual powers; becoming who you were meant to be all along (whether you want to or not!).

Deep, hidden, secretive, powerful, compelling; unconscious forces that override the ego’s desires and redefine one’s fate; the Higher Will; dying to the old self, being reborn; the Shadow, redeeming the “dark side” of the personality; people who work “underground”, miners, psychologist, criminals, secret agents; highly charismatic or magnetic personality; use or abuse of power, overbearing and dictatorial, or a “victim” mentality; sexuality, especially the transformative power of the orgasm; healer, teachers , people in touch with the mysteries of life; dark, brooding, suspicious; penetrating insight, sees under the surface of things, not interesting in superficial concerns; sex organs, bladder, colon.

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