People structure a nearby association with the earth they live in and nature’s domain has a titan affect on us. . The art of Vastu is identified with the limb of Vedic truth which is vital for making a regular adjust in the life of individuals. Vastu helps in your self-awareness as well as aides in making prosperous surroundings around the person who live in it. 
Our surroundings help us to learn and develop for the duration of the life. 
For children the essentialness of vastu is much more essential as it can help in providing for them the right surroundings to learn. 
As per the vastu standards each individual should take after beyond any doubt administers and regulations in their study and working standard. 
On the off chance that these progressions are actualized deliberately in your life and methods for living then you can cut out a decent profession 
In this part, you will discover a few tips and traps that you must take after for a brilliant profession in Vastu

Vastu tips for students
In order to improve the career objectives, every student should pay a lot of attention to their studies. Some vastu tips that can help them in many ways are mentioned below.
• The study table is the most important object that you must consider. It should have a regular size and should never be too large. When it comes to shape then you can purchase tables in square or rectangle shapes. You will see the wooden desks can really be very profitable for you while you are studying.
• Another important thing that you must consider is the placement of the desk. Always make sure that the desk is placed in the right direction as well as angle. You must never position your desk near the corners try to place it in the opposite direction of the door. This would fetch you the maximum benefits.
• In order to stay refresh and alert all the time while you are studying, it is important for you to place fresh flowers on your desk. The beauty of the flowers can really mesmerize your senses. The flower vase should always be kept on the left corner of your study table.
• If you store your books in a shelf then you must always place this accessory in the east, north or north east direction. Books should never be placed in the centre of the room.
• Fresh air is very essential for you while you are studying, but make sure that the windows installed in your study room should always be located in the north or east direction.
• Light energy resembles knowledge and wisdom that is why you must be very careful about the placement of lights. The lights or the study lamp should always be placed the southern corner.

Vastu Tips For professionals

Professionals are people who have already finished their studies. They are people who generally work in offices or they have their own business. Some outstanding vastu tips for them are mentioned below.
• People who perform work related to writing should always sit with their backs facing the wall. This is a very profitable tip for them. The entranceway should always be located a little away from the main office.
• Modern equipments and gadgets are used in almost every office and working place these days. If you work on a computer then make sure you have placed it in the right direction.
• Professional people should always go for high level black chairs and wooden tables and desks. If you have a glass table then it should be placed in the west direction.
• The seating arrangement should always face the north and the southern corner should be illuminated with good lights.
• Offices should always be away from residential areas and they must never be inside a building that is also used for residential purposes.
Well these are some highly effective Vastu tips and principles and then you must follow in order to make your future bright.

Vastu tips to enhance career and to reward maximum new opportunities

Vastu advertises great open doors and fortunes in once life if one utilization few essential Vastu tips at his home and office. A right Vastu brings thriving and satisfaction and can enhance the profession although wrong Vastu provide for us unpleasant life and stagnation in our career. The issue of Job and stagnation in our career happens when Northeast, East and North bearings are hindered at our home or office due to this reason our career development goes slow. Vastu is a science that helps you from multiple points of view to improve your luckiness, flourishing and bliss.

1) Place a mirror on north wall facing south
2) Never place a mirror on South and West wall as it reflect prosperity back.
3) Your working should be north or east facing only.
4) Put tabletop water fountain in northeast corner of your workstation.
5) Keep a crystal tree on your working table for money flow.
6) Keep your office desk in square or rectangular shape only.
7) Avoid sitting under beam as it makes you stressful.
8) Place a picture of big mountains on your backside wall as it supports you from your enemies.
9) Avoid using Sharpe edged tables.
10) The opening of doors and window should be towards north or east direction.
12) Sparkling your window glass on regular basis.
13) Never place a picture of water behind you as it will unstable your career.
14) If you want to get timely promotion then change your bedroom to southwest direction.
15) Place a conch in your pooja room
16) Place a picture of lord Ganesha on your main entrance door.
17) Always keep fresh flower in east direction of your workstation.
18) Put three fengshui coins in your purse tied with red ribbon.
19) Put quartz crystal on your working table.
20) Display metal wind chimes in your north direction. 
One’s work is always being count above anything else where career is concerned. However, the power of vastu cannot be ignored as well. It has enormous energies to create the right and positive environment to bring positivity in one’s life and help him grow in his career.”

Some useful tips:
– We first start from the table and chair that we sit on to for work, be it at home or in office. It’s important that the height of the table we use for work is such that our navel coincides with the height of the table. This ensures production of good energy.
– The top most drawers in our table, which is on the right hand side, should ideally be kept with bare minimum stuff. And whatever is kept, should be ensured, is in perfect order. The drawers below the top one can be used to stuff things. This allows smooth working of mind and work.
– The table used for work should have straight erect legs. Designer tables with slanting or twisted legs should be avoided as they hamper concentration.
– The length and the width of the table should be in the ratio of 2:1. That is if the length is 6, the width should be 3. This is because if the table is too long, rahu hampers your work process and creates problems. If the ratio above is as apply, one’s capacity to work increases.
– Also, what people today miss to take care of is the kind of chairs they sit in. According to vastu, it always helps to have a chair that has a high seat and long sturdy back rest that ends at shoulders of the one sitting on it. This ensures rise in career.
– Another important thing is that there should always be a wall behind you while you are sitting at work. This helps in boosting confidence.
– East facing workstations are best as the direction helps in getting respect at workplace. –
Meanwhile, there’s and a few things, which if taken care of at home could help in his career. Like in case you have room on the left of the house entrance, which also has a window, which is called the Chandrama, it ought to be used as the bedroom or kids’ studying room or may be puja room as well. While the room on the right of the house entrance with a window, which is called the Surya, if made the kid’s room, there’s chances of the kid turning out restless and impatient. This hampers a children studies and overall growth.
– What is also essential is that never have any ‘roshandaans’ at your workplace or house. A roshandaan in terms of vastu means a ketu, which only increases one’s struggles in life and work. An example of it can be traced back to the time of the kings who used to have giant roshandaans in their palaces and hence were always leading a life of struggle and stress.

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